Concrete Drainage Channels

Concrete Drainage Channels

⦁ Easy to install
⦁ Neatly finished drainage system
⦁ Engineered for durability

Concrete channels are manufactured in one metre sections.
They are made from steel fibre reinforced concrete
Channels can be supplied with standard grates or other grates from
our range including:

⦁ Pedestrian close bar grates
⦁ Heelguard non slip grates
⦁ Checker plate lids or non slip covers

Channels can be supplied with Left Hand Hole, Right Hand Hole or Bottom Drain Holes.

End stoppers are available (solid or with holes).

Product Code Grate width
Dimensions (mm)
PPC 101 100 100 125 165 170
PPC 101 150 150 125 165 220
PPC 101 200 200 150 190 270
PPC 101 250 250 150 190 320
PPC 101 300 300 175 215 370

Heavy Duty Industrial Concrete Channels

Our heavy Duty Industrial Concrete Channels are manufactured in
one metre sections and are made with steel fibre reinforced concrete.
The channels are cast with reinforced hot dipped galvanised angle frame
as part of the unit

The grates sit on the steel frame cast into the channel and can be
bolted down for security.

Channels can be supplied with standard grate, checker plate lid
or non slip heelguard grates.

Industrial channels have been used with checker plate lids for
trafficable cable enclosures.

Product Code Grate width (mm) Dimensions (mm)
Clear opening under the grate (mm) External Height
External Width
PPC ICC 200 300 200 × 200 285 315
PPC ICC 300 375 300 × 300 395 395

Concrete Sumps

Our Concrete Sumps are made with steel reinforced fibre and have a hot dipped galvanised cast in angle frame.
There is provision for grates or covers to be bolted in position for security
We can also make them without angle frame with cast ledge to fit a riser
or an angle support type grate.
We can supply standard galvanised grates to suit sumps, heelguard non slip grates, checker plate covers or non slip covers, stainless steel grates,
and cast in stainless steel frame with a grate.

Product Code Clear Opening in the sump
Dimensions (mm)
External Length (mm) External Width
External Height (mm)
PPCS33 300×300 362 362 360
PPCS44 450×450 540 540 570
PPCS66 600×600 710 710 680